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    Timeout problem in http engine.

    I builded http engine with example ClientEngine v2.0. Generally I get response when I invoke IssueHTTPGetL() . But sometimes not any response in a long time. I know this example has timeout problem. I don't know to deal with.

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    Re: Timeout problem in http engine.

    Could you share the device and the firmware version you are experience this problem? Did you experience the same using the emulator? What about the wireshark shows in case of timeout? Does the package reach the emulator/phone but not the example or does the reply got jammed somewhere else?
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    Re: Timeout problem in http engine.

    Maybe my describe is not clean enough. My device is E50. never use emulator. My platform is S60. not QT. My http engine is example ClientEngine v2.0 which download from this forum long time ago. It use those classes such as RHTTP*,RConnection, RSocketServ.
    Most case I can receive reply from server after invoke IssueHTTPGetL() . But sometimes I receive nothing. If exit and run again. It work well. I hope it can connect or send again automatically if no response spend one minute.

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