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Thread: How to pass QA?

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    How to pass QA?

    I tried to submit and fix severals time, but got the same issues as comments from QA team.

    Issue 1: OK, clear.
    Issue 2&3: I did several test on real devices and on Remote Device Access but it worked well not as the comments from QA team.

    The app is a online game and user must register an account via app in 'đăng nhập', not web. And my app is located at

    Anyone can help me? It made me feel too tired with Nokia Store.

    Failed QA.
    ISSUE #1: SUMMARY: The application contains a colon, semicolon, apostrophe, dash or forward slash in the MIDlet-Name. The application will not install on S40 devices if the MIDlet-Name contains a colon, semicolon, apostrophe, dash or forward slash.
    CORRECTIVE ACTIONS: Please remove colon, semicolon, apostrophe, dash or forward slash in the MIDlet-Name. In addition, only characters A…Z, a…z, 0…9, and space are recommended to be used for the MIDlet-Name parameter.

    ISSUE #2: SUMMARY: The application is stuck in the loading screen after selecting the option 'đăng nhập' from the menu.
    1. Download and install the content.
    2. Launch the application.
    3. Select the option 'đăng nhập'.
    ACTUAL RESULT: After selecting the option 'đăng nhập' from the menu, the application is stuck in the loading screen.
    EXPECTED RESULT: Features and controls in the content file must function as specified.
    AFFECTED DEVICES: All devices.

    ISSUE #3: SUMMARY: Unable to login after registering a new account. The user is unable to login with a new account after successfully registering through the the website (http://www.truthan.vn). As a result, the application content cannot be accessed.
    EXPECTED RESULT: Registration and logging in should work without issue.

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    Re: How to pass QA?


    Thinking generally when there is a lengthy operation user shall able to cancel it. That is the comment about i think. Provide "Cancel" button on registration screen that must be enabled during registration process. Perhaps your registration indeed freezes ui but you cannot reproduce that. You have just broken ui design rules in your implementation -- so that comment should be expected.

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    Re: How to pass QA?

    Hi Dainam! Welcome to Nokia Developer Discussion Boards!!

    It sounds like a missing permission for network access . Can you please ensure that all the required permissions are added in JAD file ? Are you trying in RDA with Signed files ?


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