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    Exclamation Production release 3728 - category tree


    We released yesterday, as requested by a lot of people in the forum we implemented a way to retrieve all the categories from a particular location.

    You can find the list of top-level categories going here:

    if you are interested just about the categories available in a particular point you can use the same endpoint passing the "at" parameter, you can find more about it here:

    !! We just found a bug on the current implementation. When the /categories/places is requested without any "at" parameter it should return just the list of top level categories. This bug will be fixed soon. So please don't rely on the current behaviour. !!

    Bug fixes for the current release:

    PBAPI-628: Search item vicinity contains "Beijing" twice for a chinese district
    PBAPI-630: Support (don't reject) altitude in at parameter
    Reverse geo coder does not accept scientific notation for lat, lon, rad
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