i have a mouseArea in my QML file with an onPressed function which calls a mp3 file.
The mp3 file is playing correctly, but if i touch the mousearea again during it play the file, it's just waiting till the end of the soundfile and plays it again.

For example: i have a 1 second mp3-file.
if i push a mousearea 10 times with my finger during a second, the 1 second mp3-file is repeating... 10 seconds!!!
the sound should appears when i press the mousearea without to wait till the end.

can anybody help?

best regards...

here a short snippet:

MouseArea {
                        id: ma0
                        x: 0
                        y: 0
                        width: 460
                        height: 200
                        onPressed: {
                        } }

        SoundEffect {
                 id: play_click
                 source: "res/click.MP3"
                 volume: 1.0