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    Appliation's private folder

    I'm looking for something similar to Symbian's private folder/application feature in Harmattan.
    From Dev. library I read about storing in /home/user/private folder but after testing it I observed that stored files by a given application can be read by another.
    In short I have 2 apps:
    - App. x stores data in /home/user/private/fx.txt using QFile
    - App. y reads data from /home/user/private/fx.txt using QFile
    I was expecting /home/user/private/fx.txt to be accessible/visible only for App. x
    I'm I missing something? Probably some credentials in the manifest? (I'm using default manifest for both apps)

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    Re: Appliation's private folder

    Current version of QtCreator doesn't include aegis manifest to deb packages by default. And if your apps don't have unique AID then then everybody can read the file.

    If you use platform SDK with scratchbox, aegis manifest files are automaticly added. Or if you want to use QtSDK, then you need to manually change the manifest from automatic to manually created.

    (you can double check if deb file includes manifest by extracting the deb file with: ar -vx file.deb; tar -zxvf control.tar.gz; if it doesnt have the aegis manifest, then more editing is needed).

    I tested with my custom x and y applications and with proper manifest files applications don't see each others files.

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    Re: Appliation's private folder

    Hi rainisto,
    Thanks for the effort.
    QtCreator was including the manifest in the package, the problem was that I used QtCreator to deploy the application on device.
    If packages are copied to device and installed from there, the private storage works well.

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