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    IAP, Java, Restore problem

    Hi everybody,

    I have a problem with a restorable item. I can buy the item with success but I can't restore i t- a method restorationCompleted returns -37. My application has 4 iap items one of them should be restorable. (demo and full version)
    1) what method should I call on start (getProductData(ids..) or getRestorableProducts(..)?
    2) Can I test the restoring behavior on a simulator? I tried the game "Battletank" from samples but restorationCompleted returns -37 also.
    3) regarding drm as I know a restoring item is available if the application has drm model. What should I do to set drm for items?

    Best regards,

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    Re: IAP, Java, Restore problem

    Quote Originally Posted by easy78 View Post
    Hi everybody,
    Best regards,
    mm.... It seems I've found a answer for the restoration problem. I use test Nokia server for testiing with options [testserver]

    According to the documentation
    "Purchase: The test server treats all purchases as first-time purchases, and never converts purchases to restorations. You can purchase the same item repeatedly."

    So I would like to have two type purchased items:
    1 - one restorable item (unlock full version)
    2 - non restorable items (game's curency) a user is able to buy it multiply times

    just one more question - is it possible to do?
    If I put to drm\data\resourceid_(for first item) some text file the application is detected as drm model
    so first iap item will be restorable.
    Is able a user to buy the second iap item (game's curency) multiple time in this case?
    How can I test the situation with Nokia test server?

    Best regards,

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