Today we received notification to add English and Chinese disclaimer texts to the descriptions for all our free content items that is available for China: :

"English version:
This game is published by (game provider). (game description )Disclaimer: This software is not owned or developed by Nokia. Nokia makes no representations or warranties for it, including but not limited to the warranties of performance, or that it will not infringe any intellectual property rights or other rights. This game and service is provided by Tom Online, Jing ICP 010287.

Chinese version:

Currently we cannot see a way to add this content only for users in China. It seems a bit confusing to add this disclaimer text to our English description for users outside China. Is there a way to have specific English/Chinese disclaimers for only Chinese users?

Otherwise the only solution we can see if creating separate content items just for China.

Wouldn't a much better solution be to add some sort of tick-box or agreement in Ovi publish that we can agree to and this text gets added by Ovi/Nokia, not by us? Also this is limiting the amount of text we can use for our descriptions.

We are not looking forward to effectively double the amount of items we publish in the Ovi store just because of text descriptions. Also, we will now need to create at least 1x Chinese translations for each content items description we have, since these are free items, how do we justify the cost of translations?

I think this is an idea that was too quickly implemented without thinking how this really impacts publishers.