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    How to make a call in N9?

    i'm trying to dial a number using Qt.openUrlExternally("tel:"+mobileNum); but it's not working fine in N9 it opens the contact page in phonebook !!
    how to do this?


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    Re: How to make a call in N9?

    Check the detail info. I think this is how it is developed.

    tel:<phonenbr> -> tel:1234567 -> Shows a contact card with the phone number. The user can choose to make a call, send an SMS or create a new contact.
    Use [URL="http://qt.nokia.com/products/qt-quick/"]Qt-Quick[/URL] to make your application UI more attractive.

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    Ahmed Mahfouz

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    Re: How to make a call in N9?

    Hi ram4soft,

    I'm working on the same thing. My code as below will work within QtCreator, but it does not work outside of QtCreator. May be it will work once it is an official app from Nokia store? Anyway, you can try it out with your app.

    Good luck

    QDBusMessage msg = QDBusMessage::createMethodCall(
    "com.nokia.csd.Call", // --dest
    "/com/nokia/csd/call", // destination object path
    "com.nokia.csd.Call", // message name (w/o method)
    "CreateWith" // method
    msg << sNumber; // number hidden in posting
    msg << 0;
    QDBusMessage reply = QDBusConnection::systemBus().call(msg);
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