I have a J2ME based application and i am new to IAP purchase. My scenario is after user purchase the application first time he can then use the application for 1 month after which he needs to repurchase it and similarly if he wants to further use it he has to purchase it after every month. So i have created a boolean variable and after every 30 days i make it false and then if user purchase the application through in-app purchase i can then make this variable true. so if after one month if user wants to further use it he can then repurchase it by pressing a button.in this button i am calling

int status = manager.purchaseProduct(PURCHASE_ID,

if (status != IAPClientPaymentManager.SUCCESS) {
return false;
return true;

and in callback....

public void purchaseCompleted(int status, String purchaseTicket) {
System.out.println("Purchase Completed : "+status+" "+purchaseTicket);

// battleTankCanvas.hideBuyMenuWaitIndicator();
if (status == OK) {
// setTrial(false);
// battleTankCanvas.hideBuyOption();
// battleTankCanvas.hideCurrentMenu();
else {
System.out.println("Not ok");
// showAlertMessage("Purchase failure", "Purchase process failed. "
// + Messages.getPaymentError(status), AlertType.ERROR);

but in call back i am getting a code : -35 ....i dont know why.....please note i am using nokia asha 303 simulator and when i use In-APP simulation for local sdk i get the response code ok. but when i use the nokia server i am getting an error code -35 in purchase completed.