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    MHFRunL completes with -36(KErrDisconnected)


    I am using the HTTP transaction APIs to connect to a server and do some post to it, when I use WIFI as bearer, I am able to do POST very frequently, but when I use GPRS, with same code I am able to connect to the server 2 times, and the third time it fails with -36(MHFRunL iStatus = -36). , is there anything which we need to do for different bearers?


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    Re: MHFRunL completes with -36(KErrDisconnected)

    results when working with GPRS can be very different compared to WiFi, not only because GPRS bearer can be less "stable" but also because every Mobile Operator dictates its rules....
    Just some quick suggestions:
    * can you simulate your app behaviour with a native browser? if yes, do you obtain same results?
    * if you keep alive your connection using a browser, what's the behaviour in your app?
    * can you use a SIM from a different Mobile Operator? or does your MO offer you different APNs ?

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