Hello, I will publish an app for the first time on Nokia Store and I have some questions about preparing my app for publishing. The question in short is: what should I write into .pro file. I have written so far:

- Version (via VERSION = ...)
- Vendor name (via pkg_prerules and DEPLOYMENT += ...)
- App name (via TARGET = ...)

But I saw the document titled: "Top 10 Reasons Content Fails QA Testing" by Nokia, which counts "Invalid Platform ID" as well. I thought that I will choose which OS and which devices my app works, visually, after submitting my app file to the Nokia Publish site? Should I instead enter the device codes to my .pro file? If yes, how? I should not directly change the .pkg files right, they are automatically generated?

And what else should I enter to the .pro file manually? Maybe dependencies like Qt? Or the language it is in?