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    Hardware/platform dependencies


    I'm trying to write the hardware/platform dependencies to my pkg file. But I don't understand how it works.

    Say that I want my application to run on 701 and 808 devices.

    Question 1: Should I write:

    or should I write something like this since these devices already come with Belle:

    Question 2: And I don't understand if these dependency lines create "and" or "or" logic. So, did I say above that it should be "701 AND 808" which is meaningless or did I say "701 OR 808"?

    Question 3: qmake puts a Symbian^3 dependency by default like this:

    Should I remove it if I don't want my app to be installed on all Symbian^3 devices?

    Question 4: Could that line in question 3 also be written like this?


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    Re: Hardware/platform dependencies

    As this is under Nokia Store submissions, I would suggest not using anything there for preventing the installations, that way you could change the requirements later if needed for any currently unknown reason.

    And simply use the Store distribution tab device selection to limit the distribution.

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