I am a little bit confused about the handling of the geocode service.
Ok let me begin from the beginning:

I read some tutorials, examples and I have used the api.playground. The normal code for geocoding looks like this:
var searchManager = nokia.places.search.manager;

	searchTerm: "Seeligenstadt, 07580 Seeligenstadt",
	onComplete: function(responseData, status) {
			if(status == "OK") {
				var locations = responseData.location;

				if (locations.length > 0) {
					// loop through the results here
				} else {
					alert("Your search produced no results!");
			} else if (requestStatus == "ERROR") {
				alert("The search request failed.");
There is no problem if the API found results. But as in this example with the searchTerm "Seeligenstadt, 07580 Seeligenstadt" just nothing happens.
There is no requestStatus = ERROR or locations.length = 0 to handle this case that the API can't found a result.
The onComplete function will not be called at all...

My current solution is a timeout. If the onComplete function wasn't called after a few seconds, I handle this as an non-result. I think that this is a very diry solution and thats why I ask here for help about this.

Is there any way to handle the "can't found anything" case better?