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    7650 Image Uploader strange problem


    I am having a Nokia 7650 (firmware 4.46) and am developing a web-based image uploader service....the one which comes with the Nokia 7650 - Image Uploader....and am having a really freaky time working on it....

    First of all there is only one document available to demonstrate the API or the Protocol (whatever u call it)

    Another thing which really looked a hell lot freaky....was that

    the Image Uploder was doing its first posting /login/uploaderLogin.asp ....do not why so much of devotion for asp technology and I am on a Linux server......

    this really took a hell to find out that it was posting to /login/uploaderLogin.asp (i still am wondering why is it doing so....) and not to upload.php for which i had configured it to do so

    ........and there was really no other way to check it but to stop my http server(apache) and run a socket program to capture what actually the phone is posting.....

    after spending a lot of time on this STEP 1 i am still stuck with some wierd problem........it goes smoothly for the 1st STEP but then does not do anything.....not a another post or something.....

    is somebody out there to have a look in to the matter as the Nokia Service Center out here is too busy to resopnd on this and i am really stuck.....

    any suggestions are welcomed

    EXiiON Infotech

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    Headers ...

    Check the "Content-length: ...." header .. you MUST send this header to the mobile device if you want to continue the prosigure .

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