I have downloaded a .nth nokia theme for my Nokia C3 mobile.But the problem i'm facing is that,after I install that theme and use any applications like UC Web browser or Opera Mini browser and go to the full screen editing mode,the text color and the background color both are same so i cant see what i'm typing.
I'm not facing such problem when i'm typing sms or any typing anything like saving contacts when not using an application.
But when i go the full screen editing mode in a app,like i turn on Opera Mini,and log on to facebook,i have to submit my email there,when I select the full screen text editing mode for writing,text color and b/g color both are black.
SO i need to change that,either to make the text color while using any application black or change the b/g color to white.But when i type sms or saving a contact name the text color is white and b/g color is black.So i want the full screen editing mode to be like that.
Other than it,everything will remains as it is.
The font color or background color in my mobile can't be changed through settings.SO i need to edit the theme like that.

Also,i'm new to using Carbide tools so i need a through help regarding this.