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    java.lang.Error: Static initializer

    I am developing application in j2me.In that i tried to create an object for another class but it show the error like" java.lang.Error: Static initializer: java/lang/NullPointerException".

    I tried like 1. TextBoxs textobj = TextBoxs.getInstance();

    2. TextBoxs textobj = new TextBoxs();

    the control does not enter into the TextBoxs class constructor.

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    Re: java.lang.Error: Static initializer

    Hi ohiletechguy,

    as said in this thread
    The problem is not in this code.

    A NullPointerException is being thrown from a static initializer method in one of the classes.

    Static initializer code is either an assignment to a static variable at the point of declaration. For example:

    private static Object someObject = someMethod();

    Or, a block like this:

    static {
    // some code
    Any exception in code like this prevents the class from initializing, and results in an Error being thrown (and the class becoming unusable).

    A class is initialized the first time you create an instance of it, call one if it's static methods, or access one of it's static variables.


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