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    Question Proper "Homescreen Widgets" Documentation

    Hello there!

    I've had a great concept for a homescreen widget in Symbian^3, i registered myself, ran through all the help pages but couldn't find any help.

    The only thing i could find was the outdated Homescreen Widget Guideline for the Nokia N97 and a chinese homescreen page, where i sadly couldn't read anything, which is indeed very disappointing.

    Is there ever going to be a proper documentation on how to create Homescreen Widgets for S^3, with any sizes and content, just like the delivered belle widgets "music player; calender; oder email" ?

    Any other help is greatly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance,

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    Re: Proper "Homescreen Widgets" Documentation

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    Re: Proper "Homescreen Widgets" Documentation

    Yes i tried but it doesn't suit my needs.
    I want a way to change the widgets size and the things that are in it, not only a bit of text and a picture, i want it usable. That you can click certain things in it, like the Music Widget that comes with Belle.
    I can't find anything here that does help in doing that.

    Thanks for the reply

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    Re: Proper "Homescreen Widgets" Documentation

    unfortunately there is no way to do "any sizes and content" widget for Homescreen. Only template based widget (wrt widgets) can be done.

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