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    Question IAP and QML? Howto???

    over 6 hours iam sitting here and i have no solution!!

    i have a qt quick application for symbian devices.
    I want to know how i can use IAP in my QML App.

    can anybody give me a easy sample?!
    (mototrialracer.pro is already used with no solution )

    Can somebody create that?
    The BG Screen is black.
    1 Buy-Button in the middle
    OnClick the buyscreen should appear.
    After buying the bg screen should be white.

    a step-by-step guide would be nice

    a content at publish.nokia.com with 2 in-app items i have already created.

    Why that dont work?

    MouseArea {
    id: mouse_area2
    x: 0
    y: 0
    hoverEnabled: false
    anchors.fill: parent
    onClicked: { purchaseProduct(917242)

    Output: ReferenceError: Can't find variable: purchaseProduct
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    Re: IAP and QML? Howto???

    oh man.... i only want:

    onClicked: { BuyByID(808080); }

    after clicking the typically buy-dialog should appear.

    Begin of QML:
    Component.onCompleted: { if "808080" == "OK" { rectangle.opacity = 1.0 } else { rectangle.opacity = 0.5 }}
    if the qml is loaded: { if Example ID 808080 is bought then rectangle.opacity = 1.0 else (that means if it is not bought) rectangle.opacity = 0.5 }}

    DRM folder is allready created!

    If Nokia want to have more Apps than Apple, so please Nokia - dont make it difficult enough.

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