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    Question Simulator only has four languages

    Hi, everyone.

    1.I found that webapp simulator only has four languages which are: id-ID, zh-CN, en-US, ru-RU.
    How could I test with other languages such like de-DE, fr-FR and so on.

    2.I known that if I put resource files under folder of "locales/en-GB",
    people using English from England will get use of these files.
    The question is that if I put files under folder of "locales/en",
    and there is no folder of "locales/en-**",
    would people using English (Americans, Australian, English and so on) get use of these files.

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    Re: Simulator only has four languages

    Hi Bella.Wang

    You question is easy to answer by experiment than dig into documentation -- just alter your local development environment by renaming "locales/en-GB" to "locales/en" and see whether something is broken.

    indeed namings like de-DE, fr-FR, ru-RU look illogical but perhaps that helps to support language subcategories.

    I expect renaming "locales/en-GB" to "locales/en" will not work. Follow xx-XX pattern.


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