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    Qt Remote Compiler authentication does not work

    EDIT: Ah, there is already couplr of threads about this. Well I hope that this probkem will be fixed soon.

    Remote compiler authenticarion does not work anymore.

    It seems that authentication problems started when Nokia changed to single account system. You now login to Nokia Developer site usign your Nokia account. It looks like that change did break the Remote Compiler authentication.

    During this summer I have not managed to use Remote Compiler at all. Authentication always fails. It did work earlier, remote compiler did work perfectly. This problem is REALLY annoying. I’m a Linux user and I want to build Qt apps for the Symbian, this means that I have to use remote compiler. I can’t build anything now, because remote compiler authentication does not work! This is really driving me mad, because I had to halt my projects. I have even uninstalled and re-instakked the Qt SDK, but it dud not help.

    Here is how to reproduce the problem

    1) Make sure that Remote Compiler support is installed in your Qt SDK

    2) Go to QtCreator’s Options:
    Tools -> Options -> Build & Run -> Remote Compiler

    3) Enter your username

    4) Click the Authenticate-button

    5) Enter your password

    6) It looks like authentication works, BUT.

    7) Close the QtCreator’s Options window by clicking applu an Ok buttons.

    8) Re-open the Options window

    9) Go to the remote compiler settings again

    10) Now you should see that you are NOT authenticated

    11) If you go to QtCreator’s project-settings you also see that you are NOT authenticated to remote compiler, and you can’t use it for building apps
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