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    Driving directions as text


    I'm developing a web application that provides driving directions from point A to point B and I'm using Nokia Maps java script API 2.2.1 in my project.

    I have managed to get the nokia.maps.routing.Manager() routing results successfully between the two points and route is rendered correctly on the map. However, I would also need the directions also in text format which I intend to display in a <div> on my page.

    Google maps API has a functionality for populating the driving directions to a HTML container, but I did not find any similar functionality from Nokia Maps API. Is there such an API available?
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    Re: Driving directions as text

    I haven't checked the latest version, but I think you should look into what data is given with route segments, I'm rather sure there is the directions given, at least other APIs using same backend are having it there.

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    Re: Driving directions as text

    All needed data for directions is in routes[0].legs[0].maneuvers[], but I was looking for an API that would translate that into localized readable format. Based on your answer, I assume such API does not exist?

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    Re: Driving directions as text

    Quote Originally Posted by ClouMob View Post
    I assume such API does not exist?
    I haven't discovered a public natural language guidance API yet, but you can roll your own, you just need to figure out the meaning of the turn codes and action codes buried within the manuever.

    This is an example in English and Spanish.

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