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Thread: Belle for e5

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    Belle for e5

    I have been searching the Internet in vain for some time now as to whether Nokia is going to release a firmware update for their e5 to Symbian Belle. I love Symbian and especially the "new look" and sms functionality of Belle. Besides this, I have had this phone (e5) for less than a year and will have to keep it for another one and a half, so if there is any way of updating (even fairly technical) or signs of a firmware release in the future I would be extremely happy.

    Matthew van Heerden
    (South Africa)

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    Re: Belle for e5

    The Nokia E5 is an S60 3rd edition device with a 320x240 pixels non touch-enabled screen. Devices running Symbian Belle are all having touchscreen with 640x360 pixels (some of them have 640x480). Even if the operating system could be packaged into the E5, the applications would not behave well. This was the end-user point of view.
    From OS point of view, there is S60 3rd FP2 (on the E5), then S60 5th edition=Symbian^1 (the first touch-screen devices, like 5800, N97), then Symbian^2, then Symbian^3, then Symbian Anna, then Symbian Belle. That is 5 generations of difference, which is too much, it can not be solved.

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    Re: Belle for e5

    Thanks for the response. I can now understand why Nokia can't release an update. Pity since the e5 is such a great phone.


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