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    NFC C7-00 Debugging


    I made an application using Symbian SDK 3 and deployed it on Nokia C7-00
    I can see system.out.print in net beans but when i deploy on mobile I cant see those on mobile

    How can i debug my app on c7 .By using putty and connecting it to Port is also not working with c7
    Please help

    Thanks and Regards

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    Re: NFC C7-00 Debugging


    Symbian phones does not allow to get debug output in java applications. You can output your messages to a file or use Alert for short messages that would indicate some point has reached in your program run path. That is not really helpful for program troubleshooting but at least . Check FileConnection API (JSR-75) . Here is some java logging tool

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    Re: NFC C7-00 Debugging

    Thanks for your suggestion

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