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    keys Notification in background.


    i am new in symbian.
    i have developed an application, this application is running in background.

    OfferKeyEventL funtion is not working in this application.

    then i have follow "http://www.developer.nokia.com/Community/Wiki/Capturing_keys_in_background"

    But in this example "void CKeyCapturer::RunL()" is not call on key press.

    i want to get "EStdKeyDevice1,EStdKeyEnd,and EStdKeyNo" key notification.
    how i can do this.please help me to solve this kind of issue.


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    Re: keys Notification in background.

    Basically the key capturing works in a way that only one receiver will get the event, thus if there is multiple capturing apps active same time, only the one defining highest priority for the capturing will get it. thus you might want to check with higher capturing priority.

    also note that if you finally get the key, others will not get it, so you should see that the device is still usable after your key capturing.

    Also do remember the SwEvent capability required by the API, and note that it does not work with self signing..

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    Re: keys Notification in background.

    The device also matters to some extent: CaptureKey can capture real, physical buttons only. So the green/red rectangles appearing on the touchscreen of many Symbian^3 and later devices can not be captured.

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