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    blink screen when refresh list

    Hi i need some help. Im developing a chat for s 40.

    When i want to refresh the list of new msg the aplication refresh ALL HTML and a blank screen is showed for a few seconds until new html is loaded.

    This happens only when the number of elements in the list is more than 16. Of course in chat app we need the histori of chats.

    I need to refresh the <ul> or <div> tags without refresh the rest of elements.

    how can i do that?


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    Re: blink screen when refresh list


    Partial html update can be done only with AJAX , please check sample application video course. Here they attached the source code as well. Ask more details if you need.
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    Re: blink screen when refresh list

    yes of courser im using ajax but not work

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    Re: blink screen when refresh list

    Ok ,

    1. please go through the sample from the video. Make sure it is working for you
    2. then change requested source to yours and verify whether you have faced cross-domain request problem : basically you can make http request only within your domain otherwise it will not work without any sign -- no response back. But you can get javascript from any domain and that feature is a workaround

    That cross-domain http request problem is quite common -- google for solution or ask me for more info. Check jQuery --- it has already embedded mechanism to make cross-domain request with ajax but LIMITED to http GET

    UPDATE : apparently Series 40 WEB local emulator allows cross-domain requests but cloud emulator does not.
    this code below does not work in browser as it should not , but works on Series 40 WEB local emulator --- that is a bit confusing

    	    url: 'http://news.bbc.co.uk',
    	    type: 'GET',
    	    success: function(res) {
                    var html = '';
    	        var headline = $(res.responseText).find('a.tsh').text();
    	        html += '<li>' + headline+ '</li>';
                error: function(jqXHR, textStatus, errorThrown) {
    	           $('#list').html('<li><b>ERROR</b>: '+textStatus+'</li>');
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