I want to get my own SIM number using code.
I have tried the below code but without success, any input is appreciated.

RTelServer telServer;

TInt n;
telServer.EnumeratePhones(n); // n is 1;

qDebug() <<"Enumerate phones"<<n;
TFileName tsyName;
telServer.GetTsyName(0, tsyName);

TBool isSupported = EFalse;
telServer.IsSupportedByModule(tsyName, KETelFuncMobileOwnNumberStore, isSupported); // is-supported is True

RTelServer::TPhoneInfo info;
telServer.GetPhoneInfo(0, info);

RMobilePhone phone;
int error = phone.Open(telServer, info.iName);
qDebug()<<"RMobilePhone open"<< error;

RMobileONStore ownNumberStore;
error = ownNumberStore.Open(phone);
RMobileONStore::TMobileONEntryV1 ownNumberEntry;
ownNumberEntry.iIndex = 0;
RMobileONStore::TMobileONEntryV1Pckg ownNumberEntryPckg(ownNumberEntry);

AsyncWaiter* waiter1 = AsyncWaiter::NewL();

The result is an empty buf...?