Dear Nokia suport,

I got a message from QA that they don't like my app, so I improved it, and resubmitted a new version.

Then later I got the same message again. I looked in the publish tool and found that the old version is still there.

This is unfortunate for both me and for Nokia, as there is work done from the testers for nothing.

So I now double-checked. I think I found the following issue:
when I click edit on both jad and jar file, click upload on both of them,
then I still need to click save. Maybe I have not done this the first time, and just clicked validate. But I guess I'm not the only one....

When I click save to one of the both, the other one seem not to be saved, but the save button of the other also disappears. So I had a new jad file with an old jar file.
So I think the usability with upload of file can be improved here, to reduce work for testers and also reduce waiting time for us.


Karsten Meier