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    QML Camera issue

    Hello All,

    While I develop app for Meego, I can force the app to use openGL to accelerate the graphic including some code in a cpp file, but the code does not work for Symbian.

    My app plays videos. Before I open the video, the app work as fine as should be, but it becomes lag after I play videos. It seems like the acceleration down after using multimedia module, so it has to start acceleration again or force it does not close.

    Please help to solve.
    Thank you very much,


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    Re: QML Camera issue

    I have no idea how to solve this, but still some ideas to help you to help others to help you...
    * You might want to describe what this video player problem has to do with "QML Camera issue" in the title - now the architecture of things is not clear...
    * There is no generic "Symbian", there are many flavors of it with many different bugs -- describe the Symbian versio and the device. But first: test with another device to see if the problem is device-specific
    * As always, post you code that shows how you use or misuse QML and what Qt classes you use and how
    * Etc...

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    Re: QML Camera issue

    Thanks for your advise mvuori.

    I sorry to make confuse of the title. Why I mention Camera and Video in a case because they both cause the issue I held above.

    The devices I use are N950, 3 of N8s, E7 and a C7. And I'm sorry to just said "Symbian" there but I'm on Symbian^3 only.

    My code is simple as below:


    Loader {
       id: videoLoader
       anchors.fill: parent
    ListModel {
       id: mediaModel
       //Some content
    Compoent {
       id: mediaDelegate
       //some composing
    ListView {
       model: mediaModel
       delegate: mediaDelegate
    videoLoader.source = "VideoPage.qml";
    VideoLoader.qml (Copy from "help")
    import Qt 4.7
    import QtMultimediaKit 1.1
     Video {
         id: video
         width : 800
         height : 600
         source: "video.avi"
         MouseArea {
             anchors.fill: parent
             onClicked: {
         focus: true
         Keys.onSpacePressed: video.paused = !video.paused
         Keys.onLeftPressed: video.position -= 5000
         Keys.onRightPressed: video.position += 5000
    Before loader was loaded, the listview works smoothly, but it becomes lag while the loader was launched. If I did not force to use openGL acceleration in Meego(N950), the case happen. It seems that while the qml video is loaded, the system will autometically close the acceleration by "hardware" but in "software" mode. So, I'm looking for a way for Symbian^3 devices to force to use openGL.

    I'm sorry if I still not state clearly, but I'm trying my best. If any not clear, please let me know. My goal is to solve the problem and share the experience.

    Thank you All!

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