I have several questions regarding QMessageService object in QtMobility. I hope someone can help me with these questions.

1) QMessageService object takes a long time (bit more than 1 minute) to instantiate on my N9 running PR1.3. Is this normal?

2) I have put the object creation code in a QThread to avoid locking up the main UI, my app will work fine (send SMS), but when exiting my app, QCreator will come back with a segfault. Can any show me how to fix this?

class MessagingThread : public QThread
MessagingThread(QObject *pEngine = NULL);
bool send(CActionEngine *pEngine, const QString& sNumber, const QString& sMsg);
void run();

QString m_sNumber, m_sMsg;
CActionEngine *m_pEngine;

MessagingThread::MessagingThread(QObject *parent) :
m_pMainApp = NULL;

void MessagingThread::send(CActionEngine *pEngine, const QString& sNumber, const QString& sMsg)
m_pEngine = pEngine;
m_sNumber = sNumber;
m_sMsg = sMsg;

void MessagingThread::run()
m_pEngine->m_pMessageService = new QMessageService;

3) Sometime QMessageService will fail to instantiate when my app is not running from QCreator. Is this caused by aegis security? If so, I am asuming once it is published from Nokia store, this will be fixed. Is this assumption correct?

Thanks in advance