- Added support for Windows Phone 8 (preview)
- Added focus&blur events to TextArea
- Changed the parameter name for places provided by Nokia from id to placeId
- Added leftDelimiter, rightDelimiter properties to nokia.mh5.components.InfoBubble to control the visual delimiters in the infoBubble
- Changed property infoBubble in nokia.mh5.components.Map parameters to infoBubble
- Changed structure of the event paramter in click, leftclick and rightclick listeners of nokia.mh5.components.InfoBubble
from e.offsetX, e.offsetY to e.clickedPoint.x, e.clickedPoint.y to align with poiclick event
- Changed the context of infoBubble listeners. They are called in the context of the infoBubble
- Added parent property to the infoBubble
- Added ability to show multiple infoBubbles at the same time
- Changed nokia.mh5.components.InfoBubble.backgroundColor to nokia.mh5.components.InfoBubble.background
- Added possibility to drop the background image of the infoBubble
- Introduced nokia.mh5.appId and nokia.mh5.appCode to set the api keys. There is no need to set this properties on every component and adapter
- Added a possibility to define intermediate waypoints in route requests (walk and drive)

- Fixed bug where modifying items of nokia.mh5.ui.List changed the prototype of the class
- Fixed bug where route adapter falsely assumed the user was off-line

- Deprecated appId and appCode in parameters of single components and adapters. Please use nokia.mh5.appId and nokia.mh5.appCode to set your api keys;
- Deprecated "from and "to" parameters in nokia.mh5.adapters.Route.fetch method. Please use waypoints instead