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    Adding Scrolling to QListWidget Items

    Hello all,

    I have a QListWidget to which I am adding few push buttons. So the list items are set of pushbuttons ..

    If I have large number of buttons I am not able to scroll to the items that are not in the main view....

    I have added the list widget to grid layout, which is the mainlayout...

    When I added QScrollArea...... my entire view became very small and is shown just in the top left corner..

    Any help, regarding how to add the scroll is apprciated.. please note that I am not using QtCreator.., since I don't want to h/d code the sizes as my app will be used in different form factor devices

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    Re: Adding Scrolling to QListWidget Items

    You don't need to hardcode anything, but you could, for starters, try to softcode things... just ask Qt the size of you main window or desktop and size accordingly. (QtCreator - the IDE for pure code-driven development too - will not force you to to any hard coding...)

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    Re: Adding Scrolling to QListWidget Items

    or move to QML

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