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    Qt mobility suitable for this project?


    I am trying to do a multimedia player for language learning. This program would be a common multimedia player with some advanced features:
    1) the possibility to play several subtitles tracks (for instance one for the language you are learning and another one for the language you are)
    2) the possilibty to analyse the audio wave form.
    3) the possiblity to extract some sequences of a video in a new file. We may want to save the audio only, the video with the audio, the video with the audio and subtitles

    One of the feature of this program is that there will be a button so the user can register an interesting sentence. The audio data will have to be analysed to estimate when the sentence starts and terminates.
    The user will be able to extract several sequence of a video in an easy way and then listen it again and again in an mp3 player for instance. This is a powerful way to learn a language.

    I made a first version of this program using mlt but I had some issues to make it works under windows. I also had some issue with the subtitles, I couldn't do something efficient. However 7 months has past now and may be now I could solve my issues but I am not so sure so I'd like to try qt moblity first.

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    Re: Qt mobility suitable for this project?

    As far as I know QtMobility doesn't have any particular method to do the things you said (subtitles support, extracting audio etc...) so I think you should use an external library anyway. I'm also not aware of any of these feature to be included in future QtMobility release. I will le you know anyway if I should find something.

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    Re: Qt mobility suitable for this project?


    I think the requirements you listed are feasible to implement in Qt. Examine that project it maybe what you are looking for.


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