My ultimate goal is to connect a Nokia 808 to and android device using the serial port profile over bluetooth.

Toolchain : Qt Creator 2.41 : Qt 4.7.4 Qt Mobility 1.2.1

I began using the QT btchat application to connect to an android terminal application. I modified the uuid in the btchat source to "00001101-0000-1000-8000-00805f9b34fb", the uuid for serial ports.
I found that the btchat application was unable to detect the android app and the android app was unable to connect to the btchat. All devices are paired and visible. ( Once devices are paired , the Android app does not use discovery to connect , it just uses the uuid over RFCOMM protocol)

I then configured a bluetooth com port on a PC, running Hyperterminal. The android app was successfully able to connect with the comport and communicate with Hyperterminal.
The QT Bluetooth app did discover the PC's bluetooth service but if failed to successfully create a client socket with error code KErrConfigRejected.

What do I need to change on the sample btchat app in addition to the uuid so that I can connect and communicate with an android device running a spp ?

To compile the btChat app in QT, I removed the "networkcontrol" capability from the sis file. From other bluetooth samples I believe that I do not need it. Is my assumption correct?