Hey guys, now i'm developing an app for Series 40 devices, and yes, it is a Web App.

I've noticed this app development will be much difficult 'cause only few things work on device.

But, now I will explain what is happening.

I have an HTML, called index.html, and each "content" div is a screen, so I have the HOME div, the OPTIONS div, and LOGIN div. Each of them work perfectly... but, in this login div, i have a button called SUBMIT, that has to do an AJAX call, catch the response, save it (persistance - widget.preferences) and show a message to the user.

All of this really works, except one thing: The page REFRESHES, so the LOGIN div is hidden and the HOME div shows again, cause it is the one who has to show in the beggining of the app.

The function, AJAX call and the treatment of its response are too big to put inside the onclick="" event, so i call the function in a JS archive... and it works well! But with this "server-side" way to treat the functions it refreshes my app. and i don't want it to happen.

Anyone got tips, workarounds and such thing??

Best regards,