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    How to get lat long using cellId

    How can we get latitude and longitude using Cell Id?
    Please help me out its urgent

    Thanks in advance!!

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    Re: How to get lat long using cellId

    You would need to have a database where each different network operator's (there are over a thousand operators with their own networks of various coverage worldwide) network's each and every cell ID coordinates are logged.

    There is no such complete database available for sale.

    Network operators (carriers) do not generally (or ever) publish the exact coordinates of their cells (network basestations). (And for complete coverage, you'd need the info from each and every operator.)

    There are open source, crowdsourcing efforts that have partial information, such as: http://opencellid.org/ See if that's enough for your needs.

    There are also private databases (accumulated over time and complemented with other collected info such as real GPS data, signal strengths, WLAN info, actual mapping data, etc.), such as Google's or possibly Nokia's collections, but they're probably not offering public APIs where you can read the cell ID, send it to them, and then get coordinates as a response. To use their databases, you must use their (Google Maps, or Nokia Maps or NAVTEQ APIs).

    Note also that if you just have the cell ID, it might (if you had such a database or access to one) just tell you where that cell (network basestation is). You wouldn't know how far (could be meters, or depending on the case could be 30 kilometers from the basestation), or in which direction (of a possible 360 degrees, unless you know what the sector/coverage of the basestation antenna) you are, when you obtain the cell ID.

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