My app was rejected( App id: 307902) by Derek in QA as end of the email. We are distributing an online game on S40 and S60 legacy devices, we are providing for Nokia's customers to play free without charge any money.

They have an option to pay inapp to buy some goods for their life in games, it is optional, but you do not provide any inapp purchase billing method for legacy devices. What should I do? Pls think about your ecosystem, if it is still continue for a terrible QA process with a person who do not understand about Nokia billing system that do not support inapp purchase on S40&60 legacy. We will decide to move our product to Android and now I am facing with many developers have complained. We spent a lot of money and time to have app but now it is gone.

Derek (VC-QA) (Thu, 23 Aug 2012 16:44:14 +0000)
FAILED: Restriction on Bypassing Nokia’s Billing Solution. 
SUMMARY: The application encourages the user to purchase credits from an external website instead of the Nokia Store. 
REQUIREMENT: According to the Nokia Store publisher registration and distribution agreement: '4.8 Restriction on Bypassing Nokia’s Billing Solution - All fees received by you from end users for Content distributed via the Program must be processed by Nokia using its billing solutions. This provision is not intended to prevent distribution of free trial, demo or basic versions of Your Content with a later up-sell option to obtain a full or enhanced version. However, if you want to collect fees at a later point in time from within Your Content, you must collect such fees through the payment methods offered to end users through the Program. In this Agreement, 'free' means there are no charges or fees of any kind for use of the Content other than standard data transfer charges that may apply.' 
ACTUAL RESULT: The content contains the option 'Nạp thẻ' so that users can recharge the account outside of the Nokia billing solution. 
EXPECTED RESULT: This content contains in-app billing that is not using the Nokia Store payment methods and therefore cannot be permitted in the Nokia Store.