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    Post QT QDeclarativeImageProvider child class single instance?

    has someone else seen this?
    I have a

    class QMyImgProvClass : public QDeclarativeImageProvider{
    virtual QImage requestImage(const QString &id, QSize *size, const QSize& requestedSize){
    QMyImgProvClass * instance(){
    static QMyImgProvClass s_myClass;
    return &s_myClass;
    QList<int> m_list;

    Since I need to use this in a plugin, I register it in the

    void BookmarkModelPluginPlugin::initializeEngine(QDeclarativeEngine *engine, const char *uri){
    engine->addImageProvider(QLatin1String(MY_IMGPROV_NAME), QMyImgProvClass::Instance());

    through a simple Singleton.

    In the plugin then, I populate the m_list;
    Now, the requestImage is called correctly from QML. BUT, the effect is that the m_list list is EMPTY for each call. It seems that for each call to the requestImage, the "this" pointer is different.

    I thought the addImageProvider registers a single object as an image provider?
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