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    How to display dialougs in main screen ..

    Is it possible to display the contents of option as a dialog Box on main screen. And after clicking on that dialog box it will execute the command.

    Ex -


    It will display in main screen & after clicking on the same it will exit from the Application.

    It is just for example. We can Include other options also .

    Please Guide me is it Possible? If yes then how?
    I am developing my application on symbian C++.

    Thanks in Advance....

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    Re: How to display dialougs in main screen ..

    Yes, there are dialogs in Symbian. Depending on the SDK you use, it may already contain an example called "Dialogs". You can also find dialog-related articles in the Wiki, mainly in the UI category: http://www.developer.nokia.com/Commu...ki/Category:UI. Also check the documentation. The base class is CAknDialog.

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