I am trying to create a multilanguage setup.

I think I wrote all correctly in my pro file:
languages = "&EN,GE,IT "
packageheader = "$${LITERAL_HASH}{\"nameEN\",\"nameDE\",\"nameIT\"}, (0x2003995d), 4, 0, 6, TYPE=SA"
vendorinfo = ":\"Adriano\"" \

my_deployment.pkg_prerules += languages packageheader vendorinfo
When I want to compile it, I get this error:
Processing appname_2003995d_release-armv5.pkg...
(12) : error: Expected , read }

When I open this file, I have this code:
; appname_2003995d_template.pkg generated by qmake at 2012-08-24T21:16:53
; This file is generated by qmake and should not be modified by the user

#{"nameEN","nameDE","nameIT"}, (0x2003995d), 4, 0, 6, TYPE=SA

; Manual PKG pre-rules from PRO files
; Dependency to Qt Webkit
(0x200267C2), 4, 8, 1, {"QtWebKit"}
; Default dependency to Qt libraries
(0x2001E61C), 4, 7, 4, {"Qt"}
; Default HW/platform dependencies
The error is probably on this line (12): (0x200267C2), 4, 8, 1, {"QtWebKit"}

I think the compiler want something like this {"QtWebKit","QtWebKit","QtWebKit"}.

How can I sovle it, so that the compiler don't want an array of strings also for the dependencies?
Or is there a workaround so that I can do it in the pro file?