I already finish making my apps with my partner and i summitted the app to qa to be publish but BAMM! A comment from qa says because my app connect to social network my app need to embedded with privacy policies thus they fail my app.all my effort is going to a drain.How can i embed privacy policies into my complete app???.Facebook already got their own privacy policies when we connect the app to server so why we still need to create one for our app.Also how many users actually read the privacy policies before sign in to social network via apps.This new guideline is really drive mefuming.Nokia keep concentrate on creating new guideline to keep us developer from nokia store but never give any priority in fixing mess in nokia store and our report which go crazy every month.Looks like elop effect is affecting nokia publish already. .Now my partner is also at me for not informing him about this guideline he is consider in breaking partnership with me