Hello to everyone.
I am new in the Nokia Developer community, so I would like someone tell me if I am doing anything wrong...
I have a Nokia C6-00 and I am trying to make a theme for it. I downloaded the Carbide.ui 4.3 from Nokia's page, and I am getting started with it.
But I have a little problem. First of all, I was trying to customize the mobile's Homescreen with N97 plugin, but when I change the softkey button appereance, it get transparent.
I read before that it could be solved by changing the mask of background color for softkey buttons to white, so I made it with the left and right buttons. But I am unable to find how to make it with the middle one (the key with the dial icon).
Could someone help me with it?

P.D: Sorry if I have made any grammar mistakes, but my English is not good enough... >.<