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    Limitations of PyS60

    Hi everybody. My question is - To what extent can PyS60 be used to program on Nokia phones (or, in other words, what can't be done using PyS60)? Is it possible to create patches, start up applications, applications that will always run in the background and other such stuff? Additionally, I would love to see some simple tools you made using PyS60.

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    Re: Limitations of PyS60

    It can be used only on S60/Symbian based Nokia phones. It can be extened with C++ based extensions, so that'll allow for doing/adding things that are allowed for Symbian C++ programs.

    Note that no phones come with the PyS60 runtime, so every Python app has to include the runtime, too, as part of the installation.

    Note also that the sales of Symbian based devices has declined dramatically, and few, if any, new models will be announced, so except for the existing users, for as long as they use their Symbian based phones, there's only a diminishng target market for PyS60 apps.

    What is more, Nokia is no longer supporting or developing PyS60 (or doing much to Symbian itself either, for that matter).

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