i want to display an image and Description from Rss File on LWUIT Form Screen here my Code:

HTMLComponent com=new HTMLComponent();

In place of detailNews.getDescription(),the string coming form an Rss URL in a loop is

<p><img border="1" align="left" width="150" vspace="2" hspace="2" height="159" src="/tmdbuserfiles/Prithvi2_launch1(3).jpg" alt="Prithvi II, ballistic missile, DRDO, armed forces,Chandipur, Balasore district, Odisha State" />The Strategic Forces
Command of the armed forces successfully flight-tested the surface-to-surface Prithvi II missile from Chandipur in Balasore </P>

if i execute, i am facing the application has unexpectedly quit because ,it ran out of memory exception