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    nokia 3650 feature request... calling card

    I'm kind of frustrated.. couldn't find this feature in the manual.. but my old nokia used to have the calling card feature.. This phone is so advanced... that it's missing cool useful features...

    so yes.. doing the one touch calling card calls.. (for international calls).. or even if I could one touch dial 2 times in a row..

    also this other one my T68i..

    when I want to redial a phone number.. i just click the call button, then I can go to the options and choose another number from the contact.. (so if cell phone didn't work.. can just try home and such)

    that's a great feature.. small but awsome

    finally I like the voicemail.. but I like also the T68i method.. might be more efficient/logical to do it that way.. but that's just me

    with that method you just record the words.. work/cell/home

    then the individual contacts you just record the name.. much more efficient for name and stuff..

    well that's my input.. but calling cards is really important one for me... I just assumed I had that feature but can't seem to find it then..


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    Storing calling card info for 3650

    I hope this would help you:
    Under contactist List, make new contact
    Store the dial in number for your calling card p the pin number w
    p and w could be found by press *, while p = pause and w - wait.
    Once you send this number on your contact list, it will dial the number, pause and it enter your pin number, once done, you phone will give you the option of find, from there find your LD number on your contact list and press OK. One thing to remember, make sure you store the # key at the end of your LD number. That works for my 3660, good luck........

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