Yesterday when i try to delete my failed app i accidentally deleted my published paid app so i quickly email nokia support to cancel the request but they tell me that it cannot be done.Few hours later my app is unpublish.It take few hours to unpublish app but take few days for app to be publish even the app already pass qa.Nokia seems still in a stone age when it come to it management.Even a simple request to cancel unpublish cannot be done and now need to wait another week to be publish and losing revenue.What is happening in nokia,so messy.Nokia only seems to invest all their money in window and forget symbian.Nokia publish take 30% cut of our app revenue yet give us such a bad lousy service.If nokia is selling something with this kind of attitude,you will lose all your costumer already.Don't just keep us developer a hard time.You already take almost half of our revenue yet did't do anything to improve the site.The only best support in nokia i ever exeprience in nokia publish is their fast response email support.Great job and thumb up on nokia publish email support but thumb down and on the nokia publish site manager and its crew