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    Question Advice in Making App.

    Hi, im thinking of making a paid application and a free application with Appwizard. Both the content will be the same but with the difference, the free one having adverts while the paid without adverts. Is this possible? And if i use public feeds too? Please Advice.

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    Re: Advice in Making App.

    Nokia app wizard is just a standard rss reader application wizard so i think no one will buy the app if you make it paid app because they could just go to the website to read it or using other free rss reader app and from my experience in one of my app wizard the ads revenue is very low.Already one week and only 0.01.

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    Re: Advice in Making App.

    i have quite a number of free hits daily If only 1 percent were to buy every day....even if i were to sell at the cheapest rate. still considering, but thx for the headsup

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