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    validation using HMac

    i am trying to validate the responce which i got from server. but i am not getting how to do?? i am referring this link but this's something different than the method used in server side MAC generation code.

    Java code:
      public static byte[] generateMac(byte[] key, byte[] cipherText,int offset,int length, int mac_size_bits){
        	byte[] result = null;
        	KeyParameter keyParam = null;
        	try {
        		keyParam = new KeyParameter(key);
        		CBCBlockCipherMac blockCipherMac = new CBCBlockCipherMac(new AESEngine(),mac_size_bits);
        		result = new byte[blockCipherMac.getMacSize()];
        		blockCipherMac.update(cipherText, offset, length);
        		blockCipherMac.doFinal(result, 0);
        	} catch (Exception e) {
    //    		System.out.println(e);
        		return null;
        		keyParam = null;
        	return result;
    anybody suggest me what i have to change and which function to use to generate MAC key correctly.
    Thank you.
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