I have made a program for sms handling, but it eats phone memory each time when the next command is used. It works correctly and queries messages, but after few hours the phone is out of memory. It seems not to depend on the time interval between calls. I have used 10 or 30 seconds. When that line (command) is removed, everything else works correctly in the program and memory amount is not decreased. I am using Qt 4.7.4 and have tested this in two phones 6730c (3rd gen.) and C5-03 (5th gen.). The behavior is exactly the same. I am sorry, but cannot put much of the code here, but appreciate, if someone could help with this. Maybe something needs to be killed somehow? This might be also a bug in the O/S. Please, ask needed questions, and I will answer.

messageIdList = messageManager.queryMessages(messageFilter, messageSortOrder,10);