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    Question HELP: Example for a MIDlet has more than two file?

    Hello everybody!

    I'm learning J2ME. I have a problem, can anyone help me? I don't know to create a MIDlet more than two file. For example: I want create a MIDlet has three file (*.java): Main.java, textbox.java and list.java.
    - Main: display two commands: textbox and list. textbox command - will display textbox.java when user press on its. And similar to list command.
    - textbox: display a textbox
    - list.java: display a radio list: List 1, List 2,...
    Please help me create a MIDlet for my example! Thanks you very much...
    Nokia Developer :)

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    Re: HELP: Example for a MIDlet has more than two file?

    Hi manicon360,

    see getting started developer guide -> Create the MIDlet in IDE (Eclipse and NetBeans): http://www.developer.nokia.com/Resou...g-started.html

    and code examples are here: http://www.developer.nokia.com/Resou...-examples.html

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