I´m having a problem and this is very frustrating...

Downloaded the SDK for Symbian^3 and the Carbide C++ 3.2, but any of the projects that i´m building doesn´t work on my phone...

Every time that I´ll try to install something, it says that the app is incompatible with my device (Nokia 500).

Someone could tell what I exactly need to compile an app to that phone?!

I need to make an app that set up a RFCOMM server but nothing is working... Trying to compile the PMPBluetooth example, but I´m stuck at the problem above... And can´t import this project to my workspace... When I try to, the Carbide says that "No projects found to import"

Need this to my job, not personal.... So... if someone could help me i´ll be VERY gratefull..